coordina▓tion with the whis

eged Ukrainian interference▓ in the 2016 U.S. elect▓ions." He added that the condition "was driv▓en by the irregula

r policy channel I h▓ad come to understand was guided by 

tleblower whose revelation

Mr. Giuliani."Tay▓lor told lawmakers i▓n his opening statement that withholding se▓curity assistance to Ukraine "in ▓exchange for help with a domestic politic▓al campaign in the United S▓tates would be crazy."He said h

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c▓hment inquiry; the extent of U?/h3>

e, on S▓ept. 1, was "alarmed" after▓


  • 坘raine's meddling in Trump's 2016 campaign; a▓nd the reason for the Ukrainian energy company Burisma to hire for▓mer Vice President Joe Bi
  • den's son Hunter, as we▓ll as whether Hunter's position affected government actions of the ad▓ministration of former Pre▓sident Barack Oba
  • ▓ma.Kent, the State Department▓ official, said in his o▓pening statement that he rai▓sed concerns as e▓arly as February 2015 abou▓t
  • Hunter Biden's status as a ▓board member at Burisma "▓could create the perception of a conflict of interest," stressing, however,▓ that he "did n
  • ot witness any efforts by any U▓.S. official to shield B▓urisma from scrutiny."▓Trump asked Zelensky in▓ a phone call on July 25 t
  • o "look into" how Joe Biden "stopped the prosecution" of B▓urisma. In January 2018, Bid▓en told an event at the Council on Foreign▓ R


  • elations how he in 2016 pressured t▓he Ukrainian authorit▓ies to fire Viktor Shokin▓, the country's former prosecutor general who was leading
  • the in▓vestigation into Burisma at▓ the time.Kent also told the comm▓ittee that he became aw▓are of efforts by▓ Trump's persona▓l lawyer Rudy G
  • iuliani▓ and his associates to "run a campaig▓n to smear" diplomats at the U.S. embassy in Kiev▓, including former U.S. Ambassador to Ukrai▓ne Marie Yovanovitch w▓ho was ousted in May. He sa▓id it "became
  • clear" to ▓him that "Giuliani's efforts to g▓in up politically-motivated investigations were now infecting U.S. engagement with Ukraine."It w
  • as "unexpected, and ▓most unfortuna
  • te," that Am▓ericans "launch attacks on d

edicated p▓ublic servants a▓dvancing U.S. interests

hearing for the first time from Tim▓ Morrison, the top Russia and Europe adviser on the National Security C▓ouncil, t

the top U.S. diplomat in Ukraine, testified that

hat not

ming clear" to hi▓m t
hat a meeting with Tru
▓mp at the White House
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